the ramblings/an ADD blog for the foodiefirst-century



I acquired a love for food at the age of 10, when I discovered the infinite powers of food, not related to sustenance. My love of food took me on a whirlwind journey, which subsequently evolved over the course of 12 years; this runs the gamut from experiments in cooking to the evolution of my palate to obtaining a masters degree in Italian Gastronomy & Tourism. I am passionate about the following: the safety of the food that we consume, the taste and variety of the food that we consume, the well being of the people that create the food, and the future of the food system. My goal is to inspire change and excitement in people’s consumption habits.

I am a writer and a gastronome. But more importantly, I am like you. I come from where you come from. I did not grow up with a Martha Stewart-esque grandmother or mother that baked and/or cooked all day long. My pantry resembled 7Eleven meaning that I had all-day access to Coca-Cola and junk and I frequented fast food outlets and chain restaurants A LOT. I went to a hospitality college where the motto was not of sustainability, but of Marriott, Hilton, Sysco, etc. Sustaina-what? Sustaina-who cares = $$$. I teach people about the importance of food and how it CAN be integrated into all facets of LIFE (ART, LITERATURE, ENTERTAINMENT, GOSSIP, LOVE, HISTORY, PSYCHOLOGY, SCIENCE, FAMILY, ANYTHING, EVERYTHING, ETC.) – that is the true meaning of gastronomy (Still confused? Read here.). This concept of gastronomy is what led me to create this blog (or as I like to call it – my sequences of ramblings). Now, I challenge you to find your best inner gastronome and I hope that you find my blog entertaining along your journey.

This blog funds my life style as a writer, with out it I’d have to eventually use my credit card to pay for everything! Processing everything is hard enough as it is with out having to worry about money!

WHY RAMBLINGS OF A HUNGRY ARTIST? I’m an artist and I’m a gastronome. But more importantly I’m HUNGRY! Hungry for knowledge, hungry for change, hungry for more. I currently reside in the vibrant and smoldering city of Miami. Everything that you know (or think you know) about Miami is absolutely true and then some and I can’t think of a more bizarre place to live. Welcome to Miami, the land of dreamers, great people, and amazing food! It’s all here, and it’s the best.